Rupanco Farm is looking for an experienced Head Housekeeper with a great personality, bounds of energy and inspiring attitude to motivate and lead a great housekeeping team.

Who are we?

Right in the heart of Patagonia, Southern Chile is Rupanco Farm, a warm Lodge set in beautiful surrounding on a lake with views of the volcano, 2 waterfalls, and new and old growth forest.

Do you?

  • Already have experience of successfully managing housekeeping duties
  • Have a happy supportive disposition, that holds up especially when under pressure

Are you?

  • An energetic leader as well a a team player
  • Confident with a keen eye for detail
  • A glass half full rather than half empty sort of person
  • Keen to develop a career in a unique and creative community


Supervises all housekeeping duties. Plans and assigns work assignments, give training and inspects housekeeping personal work assignments.



Supervises all housekeeping work. Plans work for the housekeeping team and distributes assignments accordingly. Assigns regular duties and special duties to housekeeping team, and checks the work. Maintains a lost-and-found department and is responsible for all lost-and-found items. Determines the rightful owner and sends correspondences, or takes appropriate action.



  • Responsible for the cleanliness, orderliness and appearance of the living quarters for the entire farm.
  • Ensure that the rooms are made for events as per community standard.
  • Maintain par stock of guest supplies, cleaning supplies, linen, and uniform.
  • Organize on-the-job training and evaluate its effectiveness
  • Approval of department’s functional manual.

We are looking for a dedicated individual to join our community and take charge of the housekeeping responsibilities.