This community consists of long-term volunteers who lead different projects and short-term volunteers who work on the different projects. We aim to have 10 to 15 long-term volunteers throughout the year who will stay for a minimum of six months. The number of short-term volunteers fluctuates highly per season. We aim to have up to 80 people in the summer and around 20 in the winter. Short-term volunteers live and work in the community for a minimum of one month.

Working schedule

Working days at the farm are from Monday till Saturday. After breakfast we start with a morning circle and work from 9 to 2 pm, though some projects might require different hours. The rest of the afternoon and Sundays are free. Every day, except of Sunday, breakfast is served at 8 am and lunch straight after work at 2 pm. On Sundays we take our time to sleep in and combine breakfast and lunch into brunch, usually around 11 or 12. Dinnertime is set at 8 pm, but could come a bit earlier when everybody is hungry!


In and around the farm there are many places to sleep. On your arrival you will be assigned a sleeping place, which is usually a bunk bed in the barn. If you are traveling with a tent there are many nice places to camp on the property, especially in the camping area of the forest village. There are showers available on the farm, but these do not have warm water, only the cold water from the river. Consequently the best shower for a lot of people seems to be the lake! We are however working on a solar shower near the barn and we have a limited option for a hot shower in the bakery.

Freetime Activities

There are various outdoor activities including a 1-day-hike to Sarnoso Mountain with spectacular views on the lake and two volcanoes, a boat trip to a 180 m waterfall, a boat trip to thermal hot springs, sweat lodge, yoga and meditation, Pilates training, theater workshops, bonfire on the beach and a huge forest to enjoy nature and silence.

Long term Volunteers